Gapping the Points on Your Car Engine

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Duration:   1  mins

George Vondriska teaches you how to find the correct gaps between points on your car engine. He starts by showing you how to create the largest gap possible between points. This will not give you the perfect gap, but allows for your classic car to run. Then, he teaches you how to maneuver the gaps to find the perfect distance between points.

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2 Responses to “Gapping the Points on Your Car Engine”

  1. John Griffith

    How do you set GM points with a screwdriver? I always had to use a allen wrench and a dwell meter.

    • Iriya Lee

      Most early cars and trucks do not have a window in the side of the distributer cap to set the dwell and points in the manner you are describing. Most points have a round and a slotted hole in them. Once they are snuggly put in place the engine is manually rotated to place the points in the max open position then a feeler gauge is used to adjust the points to the desired distance apart they should be at max open, then the points are tightened down securely using a screwdriver.

      Dwell is the number of degrees of engine rotation that the points remain open not the distance they are open. You are correct that dwell does affect point gap, however it is not the only adjustment that should be made when setting the points.

      I generally look at it like this… setting the point gap will get it running… setting the dwell fine tunes that adjustment.

      Wrench Safe, Mark

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