Hammer Forming: An Overview

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Duration:   2:28   mins

Hammer forming sheet metal is one one of the oldest forms of metal fabrication known. Mark Simpson introduces us to the process and and the materials as we begin our air cleaner forming project.

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  1. bwc_cameron

    Hi, I barely get into the video and it asks if I want to become a member, but I’m already a member. Please let me know how to access the complete video. Thank you,

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      That is one of our free videos and is a preview of what we have available on Hammer Forming. I did a search on our site for all the videos we have available on Hammer Forming and here are the results. https://www.classiccarrestorationclub.com/?s=hammer%20forming Make sure you scroll down past the google ads to find the results from our site. Please make sure you are logged into your account prior to watching the videos.


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  2. Timothy

    Why tell me I can see this month’s video , then show me a discussion on how the technique works followed by I hope you enjoyed this months video. I must be missing something here.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Timothy. Are you unable to view the video? If you would like some assistance you can contact our customer service department at 1-855-706-3534.

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