Mark Simpson

High-Torque Starter Upgrade

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   11  mins

The importance of a good high-torque starter in your classic car cannot be overstated. Whether you’re leaving for that big trip or simply a cruise around town, when you turn that key you want to hear the engine purr. Nothing makes your heart sink faster than hearing nothing at all or the slow moan of a vintage starter working to turn over a hot engine. Often, if you’ve made any performance upgrades to your classic, the starter is brought to its limits and often results in unexpected failure.

Thankfully, manufacturers like Powermaster Performance have answered the need with high-quality, high-torque starters designed to fit classic engines. These high-performance starters do what they say they’ll do and even include a starter “Dyno sheet” that clearly shows how your starter performed at the factory. Follow along as Mark Simpson upgrades the performance and reliability of our classic car starter and take 20-pounds of additional weight off the engine. A few minutes spent replacing your old starter with a new high-torque starter will be returned in thousands of trouble-free miles.

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