Brent Ackley & George Vondriska

Installing Plug Wires Into Your Classic Car Engine

Brent Ackley & George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

Brent Ackley teaches you how to install plug wires into the engine of a 1956 Chevrolet 150. He walks you step by step through the installation process, demonstrating the essential classic car maintenance tips and techniques you’ll utilize, including stripping the conducting material and using a ratcheting crimper to achieve the amount of torque you need.

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One Response to “Installing Plug Wires Into Your Classic Car Engine”

  1. Jeff

    Sorry to say that the demonstrator made a mistake. The distributor side boot gets slid over the wire BEFORE crimping on the electrical connector. You can cut, stretch, ruin the watertightness of the smaller side of the boot when you slid it over the metal connector. I've been making wires since the late 70's. You could also add a comment about solid core conductors and the radio and TV interference that they cause.

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