Junkyard Safety

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Duration:   4  mins

Staying safe in the salvage yard is key to enjoying your time there. Mark Simpson discusses several important considerations you should make to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Active salvage yards and those that go seemingly untouched for years all share their hidden dangers. Knowing what to look for or lookout for, as well as common sense practical tips, will help ensure your visit creates many happy memories.

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4 Responses to “Junkyard Safety”

    • Chris C

      Brian. Your best bet out there is this spring before everything grows if you have a 50’s or earlier car. That area is unkempt. Still some nice parts to find though. If you have a 60’s or 70’s your in luck. Not much overgrowth.

  1. Greg Cameron

    Excellent video, a lot of tips in this video for next time I go to the junk yard. In Australia it’s highly venomous snakes and more snakes plus every spider and insect that will have a go at you.

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