• 2:14

    Building Your Own Sanding Blocks

    High-Density Foam sanding blocks are great for block sanding filler and primer. But they can get expensive, and the cost alone can have you second-guessing yourself when it comes to modifying one of these foam gems. Mark Simpson shares a great tip that will help you build custom foam sanding blocks at a fraction of…

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  • 12:15

    Emergency Items for the Road

    Ever wonder what spare parts you should carry in your classic car? Many parts for your car are simply unavailable at a local auto parts store or they’ll need to be ordered special, which hardly gets your ride off the side of the road. Mark Simpson takes a look at what parts you should consider…

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  • 27:17

    Emergency Tools for the Road

    Cars break down…period. But being prepared with the right tools in your car can prevent you from feeling helpless if your car does breakdown. There are many considerations you should make when assembling a bag of emergency tools. Mark Simpson explores many “Must-Have” tools and how the tools you bring with can change depending upon…

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