• 7:12

    Removing/Installing Torsion Bars

    Although Chrysler Corporation was the first to roll out torsion bar suspension across its model lines in 1957, the idea of using torsion bars for steering/suspension systems started early in automotive history. Prior to Chrysler’s introduction into torsion bars other manufacturers that had previously used it either in prototype or production cars included: Citroen, Volkswagen,…

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  • 6:33

    Front Suspension – Tie Rod End Replacement

    No one enjoys driving a classic car with loose steering, clunking noises, vibration or pulls to one side. Often these problems can be associated with the wear or failure of the “tie rod ends.” The tie rod end is a critical component in your classic car’s steering, and functions to turn your wheels when steering.…

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  • 3:56

    Front Suspension Rebuild – Overview

    While production automobiles have been offered with independent front suspension for over 100 years, the style and configuration of the various components has continued to evolve. It’s true that many early models used a beam style axle, but this was largely a hold-over from the time cars resembled little more than the carriages that inspired…

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  • 27:30

    Rear Coil-Over Shock Conversion

    Many classic car enthusiasts are not purists when it comes to building and restoring their cars. Often these adventurous souls seek to improve the performance, handling, and safety of their cars, but without drastically altering the car’s original appearance. The number one modification many consider is improving the cars braking system but number two on…

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