• How to Install Cab Corners

    How to Install Cab Corners

    It’s no secret classic pickup truck owners are often faced with needing to replace the cab corners of their vintage ride. This area is prone to holding dirt and water resulting in rusted out cab corners. Hot rod fabricator Gary Simpson of Outcast Kustoms takes us through the process of removing the rusted area, butt…

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  • Wiring Harness Repair

    Wiring Harness Repair

    When restoring classic cars, often times the wiring harness also needs to be restored. Before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars ordering a new harness or having one made, consider restoring your existing harness and repairing any issues it may have developed over the years. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations takes us step-by-step through…

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  • Engine Detailing Tips

    Engine Detailing Tips and Techniques

    The difference between a good restoration and a great restoration is often the attention to detail. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations shares some of his secrets in recreating original stamps, marks and inspection labels. While restoring the engine compartment on this low-mileage ‘71 Boss Mustang factory test car, Bob gives us an inside look at…

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  • Restoring Cast Aluminum

    Restoring Cast Aluminum Parts

    Restoring cast aluminum parts to like new condition can be a challenging process. Simple glass bead or media blasting can leave the parts looking flat and grey. Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations shares his secrets for restoring cast aluminum parts to have that “factory new” appearance. Bob takes us step by step through the process…

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  • Proportioning Valve

    Proportioning Valve Rebuild

    When restoring any classic car it is vitally important to rebuild ALL components in your car’s braking system. One component often overlooked is the proportioning valve. The proportioning valve determines the percentages of brake fluid directed to the front and rear brakes to ensure safe braking. Bob Wilson owner of RJ Restorations explains how the…

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  • Installing a Firewall

    Installing a Firewall Pad on a Classic Car

    If you’re serious about restoring your classic car, installing a firewall pad/insulation is one important aspect that should not be overlooked. Original firewall pads break down over time, reducing their ability to block heat and noise from entering your car. Additionally the natural fibers in older firewall pads will give your car that distinctive “Old…

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  • How to Install Carpet in a Car

    How to Install Carpet in a Car

    Avid classic car enthusiasts will eventually need to replace carpet in one of their cars. Installing “Cut-Sewn” carpet sets presents different challenges then “Molded” carpet sets. Mark Simpson explains how to prepare the interior, position and place the carpet, while Hot Rod Builder, Gary Simpson demonstrates how to: form and relax the carpet using a…

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  • Trunk Liner

    How to Replace a Trunk Mat

    Protecting your trunk floor, and reducing heat/noise from entering your car are important aspects of installing a high quality trunk mat. Mark Simpson shows us the process of planning out, making a template, cutting and installing a new trunk mat in a classic car. For this project the team will be using an innovative new…

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  • Windlace Installation

    Windlace Installation

    New windlace installation is an important first step in reupholstering your classic car. Mark Simpson explains the importance of having good windlace and shows us the materials and supplies you’ll need to accomplish this job. Then classic car upholsterer Gary Simpson takes us step-by-step through the process of installation. Including, how to deal with unique…

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