1953 Chevrolet 210

I purchased this 1953 Chevrolet 210 2 door sedan in December of 2014. The car had been previously restored approximately 15 years earlier, but was ready to be freshened up again.
The first thing I did was convert it over from 6 to 12 volt. I recently retired in November of 2016, and this spring I began tearing down the ’53 for a complete rebuild and restoration. Here are some photographs of it before I started, and some photos of it now (5/2017) as it is in the middle of the complete tear down and strip, inside and out. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy restoring it!
The image of it red/white was earlier; the stripped car is the present photo.

Mike Ingram
Etowah, Tennessee

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8 Responses to “1953 Chevrolet 210”

  1. Rusty

    Would love to hear the rest of the story, interior and exterior. How can we see the progress and results?

  2. Steve zimmett

    I watch Chasing Classic Car all the time. It shows may restored vehicles

    • Gus 53 bel air

      Looks beautiful. I have a 53 chevy I am working on. After 20 years finally putting work in to it…

    • Chris

      I have a Canadian 1953 Chevrolet 210 2 Dr as well. It’s an original drivetrain car and still a weekend runner. One day when I get the time and money it’ll get what your beauty is getting a proper resto.

  3. Anthony

    Very Interested in your 53 restoration,as I am starting to restore a 54 Chevy two door. The previous owner had switched to 12v and installed a modern 3speed automatic. Needs interior work and new fuel lines and brake lines.

  4. Jerry

    I have had a restored 53 since 92. Great car. Wonder if this one is a Bel Air with all the added chrome.