Optima Battery Box

OBrien BatteryBox

Cast Aluminum, 2 post 11-5/8L 8-5/8W 9-5/8 H

After years of hiding your battery box O’Brien Truckers has solved your ugly battery box problem. They now offer the most bitchin battery box system ever produced; formerly manufactured by Bitchin Products Company until they closed their doors in 2011. O’Brien Truckers is proud to pick up where they left off by continuing to offer this great product, It’s made out of cast aluminum with fins on the top and a really neat bottom design to match.

It is designed for use with the Optima side post 34/78 Red or Yellow Top battery. It can be mounted in a variety of ways, we have provided mounting bosses on the sides as well as on the bottom inside. This is a battery box you’ll want to show everyone. Why? It looks that good. The only change that O’Brien Truckers made to the original tooling was to remove the BITCHIN name from the middle of the battery box cover and replace it with a seventh fin. You can paint it, powder coat it, polish it, or use any combination of the three. Each battery box comes complete with an inside crush pad, all the electrical connectors, rubber color coded boots to cover the cable to battery connections and installations instructions.

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9 Responses to “Optima Battery Box”

  1. Gary

    R these type boxes strictly for trucks or can can b used in cars such as a Monte Carlo 88 ur

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Gary. They can be used anywhere you have the room. The battery in my ’35 Chevy is located in the rear of the car and this battery box made it easy to locate and secure in place.

  2. Graham Huggins

    I will be in the USA in November where do I pick up a couple of Optima battery boxes?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Graham. O’brien Truckers is the manufacturer of these great battery boxes…I am not sure they have a retail outlet at their facility in Charlton, MA. Although orders can be placed online at: http://www.obrientruckers.com