1923, ’33 & ’34 Fords


I am happy to share our three street rods with fellow members.

The first is one of our favorite car show drivers, it is a 1933 Ford 3-window Coupe. The car is virtually new from the ground up and includes a complete Ford drivetrain with 351 Windsor engine power. She has all the bells and whistles including ice cold air conditioning, power brakes, power steering, power trunk lift and a hard hitting stereo system, that sounds best when it’s rocking the oldies from the 50s and 60s. We have a lot of fun going to car shows or just driving in this great little coupe!

Next is our 1934 “all-steel” tudor sedan. This great car is powered by a 350ci. Chevy engine, 700r4 automatic transmission and 3.55:1 positraction rear end differential. The front suspension is all Pete & Jakes. The car has power windows with remote access. Ice cold air conditioning and leather seats ensure the ride is comfortable. A wood rood insert roof was purchased and installed and has a black fabric roof insert. Although still under construction, this will be a driver once finished. I moment I can hardly wait for!

And finally, this is our 1923 Ford T bucket. Powered by a 350ci. Chevy engine, cranking out just over 400 horsepower. We replaced the engine this T-bucket came with to make this a “real” hot rod. This car is driven but is limited to the location of the car show. I love this car but my passengers said it is over powered and too wild to drive in. A real head turner when they hear this car pull into a car show. The engine rocks this car. The rear tire are 19.5 inches.

Kevin McArdle

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5 Responses to “1923, ’33 & ’34 Fords”

  1. Charles

    Everyone has a right to do what they want with their cars and trucks. But, like a lot of guys, when I see a Chevy engine in an otherwise nice Ford, I immediately lose interest. How can someone put all that time and money into making it look good, and cheap out with a cheap Chevy engine? Chevy's don't perform better or last longer than Ford engines, so the only reason to use one is price. I'll be using Ford engines in my Fords, even if they cost a few dollars more.

  2. Rudy Rendon

    Awesome classic cars Awesome Chevy Engine Engineering

  3. harold

    Sure good to see a ford with all ford running gear. Gotta love those coupes

  4. James Ranes

    Fantastic look in rides .

  5. Jon Evans

    The first one is fine. But I hade Fords that have Chevrolet engines in them. Fords should have Ford Engines, Chevrolets should have Chevrolet engines in them, and Chryslers should have Chrysler engines in them. there should be no race mixing.