1932-34 Ford Pickup Body and Doors

United Pacific Industries announced release of an officially licensed complete steel body 1932-1934 Ford truck shell. Every panel is accurately reproduced exactly like the original truck body and all parts are coated in black EDP primer in order to prevent any rust. Individual body panels are also available to allow customers to restore the ’32-’34 Ford Truck cabs to their liking.

“Our customers tell us their lifelong dream is to build this hotrod. The passion our customers bring to their vehicles inspired us to add the 1932 to 1934 Ford truck body cap and door shells to our product line. This ready-to-install body shell allows our customers to achieve their dream with ease because it is an exact replica of the original and is officially licensed by Ford”.

United Pacific’s Classic-Coat® weldable primer is applied to the cowl top panels, sub-rail and cowl side panels. Cowl top panels include a windshield opening flange, and the cowl vent inner drain base is sold separately. Cowl side panels, including a windshield pillar to factory seam, add to the body of the truck. The sub-rail is created from 16-gauge stamped steel with all of the original detail and supports the frame of the truck around the doors. Steel door shells include both the outer skin and inner support and have pre-cut holes for the door handles and door locks. Original door handles, window regulators, window guides and glass are all available. Reinforcements such as A- and B-pillars, covers and door posts are easily installed. For more information visit: www.uapac.com

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6 Responses to “1932-34 Ford Pickup Body and Doors”

  1. Jerry R Collins

    Where do I look at full 34 Ford pick-up, parts and prices. Where do I get catalog? Thanks

  2. Del Punneo

    Price of truck 2/3 complete truck!

  3. Doug

    Looking on prices on 1934 Ford Body

  4. Jerry R. Collins

    My brother own an original, and I know he will be over joyed to get the web site for the complete shell parts. Keep up the great work, enjoy the site.

  5. John Jordan

    Will they have panel behind door to lenghten the cab and what about a seat springs set

  6. Chris Douglas

    Need to know if anyone is making individual box sides and the steering column tube for a 1933 Ford Pick-up?