1937 Buick Special

1937 Buick Coupe

I purchased my 1937 Buick in 2018 at an estate sale in Graham, Washington.

Since it’s purchase I’ve stripped the trunk of the weathered cardboard panels and rust where it leaked in around the weather seal. I also stripped the interior, seat, carpet, windows, window trim, door panels, knobs, etc.

1937 Buick Underside

The engine was froze up when I purchased the Buick and I removed the intake manifold to work on trying to free up the engine. Additionally I have been working on removing the dash and gauges to prepare for fresh paint. The rear seat was missing and will certainly give me something challenging to look for! I’ve reworked the brakes, new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, turned drums, installed new wheel cylinders. Finally the headliner has been removed to evict the mice and their nests.

My future plans are to remove the straight 8 engine and get it running. Hopefully the drivetrain is in operable condition. Looking ideas to change out dash gauges, or whole cluster.

Monte Truesdell

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6 Responses to “1937 Buick Special”

  1. Ruben

    Does anyone know how to release the rear brakes on a 1936 Buick 60 4dr sedan, car has been parked for 3 months and the rear brakes locked up, so I cannot move the car at all. Ruben

  2. Santiago Rodriguez

    The Lord led me to my dream truck back in 2010. I was at work talking to a coworker. He was telling me about his 1972. I told him that someday I would like to get a classic Custom 10. I felt like the Lord spoke to me in a small voice. That said to log on to Craig’s List. He said to put in 1968 pickup in the search box. I was blown away what I saw my dream truck. It was a 1968 Chevy Custom pickup with an 8 ft bed. He was asking only $800 as is no title. The next day I went to see it. When I saw it I walked up to it and kissed the driver side chrome door handle. To make a Long story short, I will be graduating Bible College in June 2022. I will start to restore it to original form, from bumper to bumper. In going wit the original color of gold. I will not be modifying it at all. This is how it looks now. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/20/00/5BB680BC-8868-4264-92BD-FE9D3498CC16/View%20recent%20photos.png I will share pics of the progress. Blessings, Santiago Rodriguez Waxahachie TX

  3. Fred Drumm

    I have a 1937 Buick 2 dr Sedan it needs total restoration but it’s a very solid car. I haven’t started yet but I’ll have plenty of questions when I do. Thanks Fred

  4. Jon Evans

    If you hotrod it, consider either the Buick Turbo V6, the Buick GS Series Engines, or a supercharged Buick 3800

  5. Glen McCall

    Hi Monte, I too bought a 1937 Buick in 2018. Mine is a "flat back" sedan. Not very many Buicks in Okla. & N. Texas. This '37 had no motor or trans. Can't figure out what motor to put in. Also, purchased a '46 Buick with a seized 8. I am anxious to try pulling the head and pouring boiling oil into the cylinders. The expansion from the heat, hopefully, will break the bond. I would like to know the progress on your work. Glen at glencrs@gmail.com. text - 214-906-7538.

  6. Preston Orr

    <strong>Is you rear bottom seat one or two pieces. I have a '39 Chevy sports (or opera) coupe. The bottom is two pieces and they can be folded up against the side walls. I have never had the two pieces. If yours is the same and you find a source, please let me know.