1946 Ford Coupe

Here is a picture of my 1946 Ford Super Deluxe, it is equipped with the original Flathead V8 and three on the tree transmission. The car has been a consistent trophy winner in both Florida and Texas and great fun to own. My oldest brother Steve bought this car in 1980 and did the first full restoration of the car. Following his untimely passing, the car sat in my sister’s garage for 16 years. I bought the car in 2010 and did completed a second restoration of the car. The paint remains from its restoration in the 1980’s. The car runs great but is certainly not a trailer queen by any means!

Thomas Devaty

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6 Responses to “1946 Ford Coupe”

    • Mack

      I have a 47 standard deluxe coupe project car, and a 47 Ford tudor project car also, i would like to sell them as a pair. I’m located in north Alabama.

  1. Francis

    My uncle had a 46 2 dr sedan very similar to your except it green. He painted in a carport with a small Sears compressor when he was stationed in Hawaii around 1959. Nice car you have.