1955 Chevrolet

TomStien 55Chevy-Interior TomStien 55Chevy

Anyone who knows me would claim my passion is for Golf, and living in Florida makes it only that much easier to quench that thirst. But my secret passion for years has always been classic American hot rods. Needless to say the weather in Florida is conducive to my secret passion as well.

After spending way too much time thinking about buying a hot rod, a few years ago I finally pulled the trigger and bought a nice ’40 Ford coupe. My wife Katie and I both enjoyed driving the little Ford Coupe but soon we desired something a little bigger, for a smoother handling, not to mention bringing a few friends and family along for the ride.

This clean ‘55 Chevy Wagon caught my eye, or should I say our eyes, as Katie enjoys driving it as much as I do. Equipped with plenty of Chevy power, a 350 cubic-inch motor mated to a 350TH automatic transmission, push this great rig down the road. While creature comforts like, A/C, PS, PB, and a very modern interior make getting there half the fun. Since buying out little red wagon, we drive it everywhere.

– Tom & Katie Stine, Florida

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3 Responses to “1955 Chevrolet”

  1. Joseph shenefield

    I drive a 1929 Ford coupe hot rod 331 cad motor. I race dirt track with a 1938 Chevy Hardtop 350 motor.

  2. Ron Ayers

    Beautiful car, If it were only a Nomad, it would be my perfect choice.

  3. Mr Ed

    Nice ride. I've got a bright red 1950 5 window Chevy truck. Getting complete new upholstery done as we speak