1957 DeSoto


Fireflite, 4-door Sedan

Dawn Simpson

I have always had a thing for the big finned cars of the late fifties era, and when my husband (Mark) suggested that it was time to build a car just for me, my first thoughts were of owning a ’55 Ford Crown Victoria and preferably in pink and white. We began our search for just such a car, but when I saw this ’57 DeSoto I fell in love with it. It had spent its entire life in Mississippi, and had only accumulated 32,000 miles, as it was part of an estate of a collector who had owned the car since 1958. The car was very well optioned for the time and included: power windows, power seats, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, rear defrost and a factory record player. The car was originally a medium green and white, although I had my heart set on either a pink or red car, my husband agreed to change the color to a factory correct Fiesta Red and White combination.

The restoration has come a ways from when this picture was taken, shortly after it returned from the media blaster and the rush was on to get it in epoxy primer to keep the metal from flashing over with rust during a spell of hot and humid weather. While we plan to keep the car very stock looking in appearance, upgrades have included: 4-wheel disc brakes and electronic ignition. You may also see this car in some of the videos as my husband often uses it to show restoration techniques for the club web site.

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6 Responses to “1957 DeSoto”

  1. Rick

    Dawn, I have a boat you may be interested in. It's a restored 1958 Glastron Fireflite. It's red and white. It has a 2004 Honda four stroke 50 HP outboard motor with rack-and-pinion steering. The trailer has no lights, as they are built into the boat. It looks a lot like the DeSoto, but with a Darrin dip.

  2. Wayne

    Congratulations on your pick of the 57 Desoto! I have a green and yellow 57 Fireflite and ever show or cruise I take it to brings a steady flow of admiring comments!

  3. Regis

    I am currently restoring a 60 DeSoto Adventurer. What 4 wheel disc brake setup are you using. Thanks.

  4. Bob

    In place of 1955 Ford Crown Victoria???..... awww

  5. BIG JIM


  6. Jack

    My dad had a 57 Desoto around 1961 the same color combination you are going to paint and I drove the car and delivered papers on my paper route each day at age 11 Great times and they are a real luxury car good luck on the build and enjoy the ride.