1958 Pontiac Chieftain

1958 Pontiac Chieftain

This is my 1958 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Coupe. Originally this was my Dad’s car (My father gave me the car after having health issues and could no longer drive) and I am finishing up some minor restoration. This ol’ gal is powered by a Tri-power 370 cubic inch engine and is 90% complete with only 54K original miles. What a joy to drive.

– Danny Meadows

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35 Responses to “1958 Pontiac Chieftain”

  1. Ron M.

    What an excellent automobile you are very lucky! I have always liked all the 1950's / 1960's GM's. My older brother had a great 1957 Pontiac Chieftan with the big motor. It also had installed a hydro-matic 4 speed transmission that was great. I had a '57 Chevy BelAir w/283-4barrel & power-glide 2 speed.

  2. LeeM

    Gorgeous!!! The Chieftian Catalina wasn't available up here in the Great White North.

  3. Barry

    Beautiful car

  4. Art in NJ

    Looks great. Remember these boats from when I was a kid. The old saying about Tri-Power was that it would pass anything but a gas station.

  5. Rhett Hardwick

    I actually recall these cars, seems to me it should have a Tri Power call out on each front fender.

  6. Tom Libby

    What I really miss is my 49 Caddy bulletproof hearse. Took 3 other couples to the Natick driven. No hitchhikers would get in the back. With floor shift the shifter knob went between my girlfriends knees. gas mileage was 1 to 1 gals per mile!

  7. Dale Mueller

    Danny What a boat I love it wish it was mine I love the lake pipes !!!! Enjoy

  8. Marvin Blair

    I had the pleasure of working in the body shop of a Pontiac Dealership from June 1966 to Jan 1978. Started out as a helper in the paint shop later moved to the body shop and to body shop manager. Dealer ship was sold and you could not make enough money for the new owner. I was at the dealer for 12 years. Left to open my own shop in 1978. But I worked on a lot of that era Pontiacs and drove pontiacs until they stopped producing them, that was a sad day. even at 82 I still work on cars in my shop but having knee and hip probs at the moment. Hope to get them taken care of soon, just waiting on the surgeon to get back in his office then will get them replaced. But again Pont's were great cars.

  9. Barry Dvle

    What a beautiful car. This is my very favourite year for Pontiacs. Have wanted a 58 chieftain or Bonneville for over 50 years. Unfortunately, my job took me all over the west never living long in one place. I cannot afford one of these beauties now, but I am fixing a 56 fully loaded Cadillac.

  10. theodore korbos

    I'm very interested in the car if still available ! Please call me at your earliest convenience!! 630-613-0919