1962 Ford Thunderbird

1962 Ford Thunderbird

This is my third T-Bird ( my first was a 1966 and I owned a 1985 as well) I bought this 62 Bird from the family of a deceased owner. That owner purchased it from a dealership in Wisconsin as a gift to himself in June 2005. Sadly he only drove it 150 miles before he passed away. It was then stored in a garage for 10 years until I bought it. It has been tuned up, new water pump, new brake booster, rebuilt carb. It runs and looks fantastic! It has electric everything, and A/C. The interior is excellent except for the dash which will eventually have to be replaced due to someone cutting a hole in it (why I have no idea!!) We named her Maxx and she is a joy to drive and own!

– Russell Saunders, WI

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24 Responses to “1962 Ford Thunderbird”

  1. Marcus Cormier

    I have the a 62 Tbird as well. Corinthian White. I love your wheels! The perfect look. I would love to get the specs on these …tire, rims, caps. If you want to share. Cheers,

  2. Cheryl Sharpe

    My next door neighbor's father just passed-he was in the process of restoring 1962 Tbird. His daughter has been tasked with selling this car. It starts, it runs, the body is in original condition. He has the seats already done-write me

  3. frank colontonio

    i have a hood 2doors, bumper,radio,generator and console for 62 tbird cheap 727 420 8722 Frank


    Not trying to start an argument here, but as an owner of a 62 and a 66 Thunderbird, how can you acknowledge the pretender Ford called a Thunderbird in 85 to even be considered part of that distinctive and desirable marque.

  5. Donald R Rodgers

    I have a 78 Corvette, Silver Anniversary model is there a corvette club in the Galveston/Houston area?

  6. Gabriel Robles-Velarde

    Would really like to receive your newsletter!! Thanks...Gabriel

  7. Michelle

    I have a 1962 too. Landau. Third owner. I love my car.

  8. Roy Arnold

    Very nice T-Bird! I'm currently restoring/rescuing as '62 Thunderbird. I have a long way to go!

  9. con magnuson

    need 1962 thunderbird complete top mech

  10. Dave Sloboda

    That is a beautiful T bird. I also have 62 bird that I have had for the last 24 years . Had to do an engine swap and interior replacement but is still a great car . Hope you enjoy yours .