1964 EH Holden Station Wagon

holden-wagon1-lead holden-engine

My girl (wife of 22 years, but 20-years younger than me) has always wanted a 1964 EH Holden station wagon as it was a family car that reminded of happy times in her childhood, so here goes.

We bought this car as a rough runner/survivor car as it has only done a true 89 thousand miles and I actually drove the car into my workshop/garage in August 2016 to start the rebuild process.

Our plan was to start at the front bumper and work backwards as the front end, engine gear-box and steering etc. are all situated there. I’ve included picture of the engine bay and the work that has been completed so far.

There is a lot more happening with the car at the moment as I have nearly finished replacing all the floor panels but I will save that for later.

Chris Roughley.

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8 Responses to “1964 EH Holden Station Wagon”

  1. Bruc

    Good luck Chris a very ambitious project

  2. george

    looks really good so far

  3. Tony...

    Hi, how much did u pay for the waggon...!! Thanks..!


    Good to see some EH Holden project been done.

  5. Donald

    Wow !

  6. Richard Lewis

    Wow you must love your wife to take on a project like this one for her. What you have done sure looks good.

  7. Gary Cox

    EH , a great car

  8. walt stevens

    Good luck in your project. I had an FB Holden wagon, with everything not visible, rusted out. Loved the car, wish I could have brought it back to the States. I suspect that you will have a challenge with body parts. Again, Good luck, post photos as you progress.