1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

I have owned this 1965 Mustang convertible since 1980 and have “restored” it four different times. Each time I restored the car, I added or changed something from the original black with red interior, 6-cylinder automatic car I originally bought.

This was probably a car I should have NEVER purchased in the first place. It was a rust bucket from Rhode Island, but as I replaced one panel after another, and made other changes along the way, I got pretty good at doing that sort of stuff. Currently, it is the red car you see with a 351W engine and an AOD transmission. I have also upgraded the brakes with a Granada disc conversion and converted the steering to a rack and pinion with electric power steering. I have now owned this car now for 38 years, and it has drawn blood several times, I’ll probably never sell it, although there were many times in the past I was about to give it away.

Pat Welter

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9 Responses to “1965 Ford Mustang Convertible”

  1. Darryl Fletcher

    Hey Pat, Nice story... I have a 1964.5 that I bought in 2019. It's hard trying to even find someone in my area to do the work due to COVID. I look forward to doing the same thing very soon.

  2. Dale

    Aren't you glad you kept it? I still have my first car that I bought in 1965. I'll probably be buried in it. LOL

  3. HENRY

    i also will be getting a rust bucket for 100.00 canadian. i just like saving another one from the grave yard and driving it for all to see. i think it will be car number 9 that i saved from the crusher that was abandoned from a guy that would not sell and now 99% of hotrodders do not want to buy anymore. so far i saved a 1965 impala s.s. with a 496 kit with a 400 turbo and a dana 60 and a 1969 cuda with a 440 4 speed and a 1976 6.6. liter 400 auto and a 1977 T/A with a 4 speed and a 1981 malibu with a 400 4 speed and my recent pick up a 1967 327 4 speed sidestep farm truck. do not crush them but sell or give them to someone who will fix them and get to see them run in the streets again and bring memories to the old and dreams to the young.

  4. stuart522

    Nice! has a good stance to it. super clean!

  5. Rob

    Never sell, you’ll regret it very day after, I sure do.

  6. Pete Swarr

    Been there done that. I restored my 66 Dart GT many times upping from 273 v8 to 360 v8, added disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, McPherson struts. When it needed it again, I sold it and drove the replacement: 360 powered Plymouth TC-3, 5 speed. Way faster, better brakes, great handling, and better gas mileage.

  7. Dale McNulty

    Nice 👍

  8. Edward P Kaulfers

    Pat - If you ever DO want to sell it, please contact me!

  9. doug

    great story.. nice ride!