1966 Chevrolet Impala


I Bought my ‘66 Chevrolet Impala Convertible in 2009 and had a restoration guy go with me to make sure it was a good deal. After bringing it home, in 2011 the paint started falling off. Upon further inspection it turned out to be the poster child for body filler companies. The filler was 2-inches thick in some areas covering rust through holes. I didn’t intend for this to become a total restoration project, but now it sits on two floors of my garage. I hope I finish it before I die. It was fun cruising with the wife dressed in our 60’s clothes, and look forward to doing it again.


-Donald Lombard

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7 Responses to “1966 Chevrolet Impala”

  1. Hector

    Double edge sword. Strip that baby and make it a lighter color to show off is beauty.

  2. Ronbecker6

    Don, hang in there, I’m 76 and am starting a restoration on a 50s car. If I don’t get it done I have enjoyed working on it, as I have all my life.

  3. greg

    You said you took a restoration guy with you I would like to see him come to the party and help you out. If he had a magnet in his hand he would have found all this bondo. Talk with him he needs to help you.

    • Donald

      Good advise. He was helping me. After I discovered all the bondo I gave him a ration of shit for his failing me. So we were taking out the windshield and using thin knives to go around. He picked up a thicker knife and started but you could hear slight crunching. I said don’t use that one. He put it down. About six inches left to free the windshield he grabbed the thick knife and CRACK !! I threw him out of the garage and haven’t spoken to him since 2012. Can’t afford to have friends like that. Literally!

  4. Michael

    Don, I know the feeling, bought a 1966 Ford Thunderbird with what appeared to be a “solid body” only to discover the joy of Bondo!…fixing someone else’s short cuts is never easy but worth doing right in the long run. Best wishes, Mike D.

  5. Ron

    sorry to hear you got a bad one, it makes me mad that so many guys tell you that there car for sale is rust free or just a light coat of filler, hope you get it back together before you die,lol

  6. Mitch Rolstad

    Bought a 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport about a year ago. It is a beautiful car although it does have some bugs. I am currently sporting a Demon six pack on a 396ci and just can’t get it dialed in, does anyone have any suggestions. I am thinking about putting a Edlebrock 750 on it. In addition the builder put a painted Chevy grille on it that is painted black and the paint is chipping off.