1966 Chrysler 300

I purchased my 1966 Chrysler 300 at a local auction about 3 years ago. It had back window was shattered out, original bias-ply tires, seat cushions were in sad shape and needed painting. It didn’t take long and I had the old girl shining again. I gave her the name Roxie to rhyme with her sister classic car a ’65 T-bird known as Trixie.

Ralph Johnson


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5 Responses to “1966 Chrysler 300”

  1. David Rosado

    Nice ride and congrats in bringing her back to life.

  2. Jose Ortega

    I just purchased my 66 in September. It's getting a paint job and body work. I have the 440 in it also. Any idea where I can find a trim piece for over the tire? That is the only piece that it is missing.

  3. Garnet Dunstan

    I purchased a 1966 Chrysler 300 last fall.Rebuilt the engine factory 383.I am the 3rd owner.Inside storage its whole life.Painted about 12 years ago a very nice red.Christines younger sister.

  4. Frank Kowalski

    I have a 568 Imperial Convertible all original with 26,000 miles. Her name is Big Red, she also has a 440. Great ride you have, enjoy her, I love cruising in mine.


    my parents purchased a 66 300 new, loved that car wish I had one again great cruiser had the 440 motor.