1966 Chrysler Convertible

I was working for a Home Owners Association in Naples FL, in 2010. I noticed this car sitting in one of the residents’ garage when he had it opened, and for 5 years I asked are you going to sell that car. The original owner finally agreed to 5 years later. The car is originally from New Jersey and has been kept in a garage all but 2 years of it’s life.

Phil Mon
Naples, Florida

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11 Responses to “1966 Chrysler Convertible”

  1. Larry W

    I saved a ‘67 Newport convertible from the crusher. It’s very rusted but at least it still exists.

  2. michael j knapp

    this is one beautiful car! What motor does it have/ transmission! I cannot see the interior, so please is the color white? By rhe way can you tell us what you had to pay for this cherry ride. Thank you! MJK

  3. Mel easton

    Our family bought a '66 300 ordered from the factory. Bright red, buckets, 440 cu.in. Heavy duty suspension...the works. Wonderful ride, super powerful, lasted forever. Great memory.

  4. dave kyte

    Beautiful car I have had several over the years since my first new one a newport 2dr ht. Among them 300s and newport convertibles and 2dr hts and one newyorker 4 dr. Just sold my last 300 convertible and have only a newport convertible that I have had since the mid 80s which is now a project and hope to get it on the road in the near future. The only other collector I have now is a 62 Bonneville convertible my summer driver. Most of these cars had 383 engines and only one a 440 which is sitting in my garage as the 66 newyorker was totaled and I saved the engine, hope to put it in something some time. Have a great time its a beauty. Dave

  5. Snoopy Chrysler

    Nice car, I only wished I didn't live in the NW...

  6. Novaman

    You have got a treasure. Very well built car.

  7. Kerry Fair

    Looking forwatd

  8. Larry

    I also have a '66 Chrysler 300 convertible waiting to be restored. Wish you had more pictures.

  9. John

    When are you going to sell it?

  10. Doug King

    i have a '67 Newport Convt. always looking for news and info on them. when i take it out of storage in the spring, i have to replace the power steering pump, the fan blower motor and wouldlike to get the radio working, appreciate any tips.