1968 Buick Wildcat

Here is photograph of my 1968 Buick Wildcat 2 door sports coupe. It’s not a very common car and definitely very unique in its own way! Sure it’s a “BIG” car as some see it but in 1968, this car came with a 430ci big block engine teamed with a heavy duty Turbo-hydramatic 400 transmission. The engine put out 360 hp with 475ft/lbs of torque. That’s what I call a “grocery getter”!! I have owed this car for 10 years and have enjoyed many cruises with the family and simple car rides to the ice cream parlor. And of course, once in a while I do get groceries with it.

Dino Mazzuca
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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11 Responses to “1968 Buick Wildcat”

  1. Michael

    I have a1968 Buick Wildcat. Almost finished with it, im just stuck missing two parts

  2. Rod Brown

    I worked in Buick Plant #36 where the 430 engine was built. Couple years later they switched to the 455 ci.
    Worked there from September 1965 – Jan 2004

  3. Reaka Peters

    I had a 69 Wildcat 4 dr sadan when I was a kid, my boyfriend’s step mom bought it for me…boy do I miss it.

  4. Baynard Ward

    Great looking car. The 2 door 1968 Buick Wildcat sports coupe was the first car that I owned.

  5. Bert Desalliers

    My dad had a 68 wildcat Convertible. I wish I had it in my possession now. I never saw one like it again. Beautiful Car.

  6. revwillie56

    I miss the 1968 Buick Lesabre I rode around in till I got laid up. No car is not fun. :(