1968 Lincoln Continental

1968 Lincoln Continental

This 1968 Lincoln Continental belonged to my parents. They purchased it in 1970 when I was eleven years old. It is the coolest! I love the suicide doors. My Dad dove her until 1982. He parked her in the garage with 127,386 miles until 2002, occasionally driving her. He had the 462 engine rebuilt along with the transmission. Slowly restoring what he could. Before he passed away in 2009, he gave the car to me.

1968 Lincoln Continental

I’ve put in: shocks, tires, crankshaft driven power steering pump, seat upholstery, window and door rubber, and fairly high-end paint in the original color (Diamond green). And had the bumpers re-chromed. I drive her weekly and so many compliments and comments. I love it!

Devin Wright
Carrollton, Texas

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10 Responses to “1968 Lincoln Continental”

  1. Stan

    Can anyone tell me the purpose or name of that little light beside the antenna on the drivers side front fender?

  2. Emilio Barashari

    Is this vehicle still available?

  3. Rebecca Vasquez

    I have the 1965 Mercury Marauder with no beam between front and back door, this car was built like the continental fords top line. Love your car, an old friend parents had one.

  4. Philip Huber

    I think that it’s really great for you to have a piece of history and to have that history connected to a parent that has passed on is just wonderful. You will be able to link up with those memories each and every time you fire up that beautiful car. Good on you for keeping your memories alive and that car in pristine condition.

  5. Jose A. Justiniano

    Very nice conserved and a good give from your father God bless.

  6. mke

    one just sold MECUM $10,000

  7. Alfred Dale Mortenbeck

    Some called them "Log Wagons" I called them a fine auto, right up there with the Caddy.

  8. doug krause

    Nice car, and awesome to see you keep it pristine in your Dad's memory!!

  9. Tom

    Stunning car with a lot of personal value to you. Your Dad would be so proud. I too have my Dad's 69?Ford F250 that he bought brand new. I've had it for 43 years and it's totally restored with 31,000 miles.

  10. John Boyd Walter

    Nice looking car! I love the suicide doors and always will. My compliments on one great looking car.