1968 Mustang Coupe

This 1968 Mustang taught both of my kids how to drive. For over 10 years it has served to keep my kids safe and for this I did a 2 year restoration to take it from the tired 6 cyl, 4 lug, manual drum brake car it was to the 351W, 5 lug, power disc brake, AC car it is today. Everything has been done from suspension to sound proofing including rebuilt 351w with Edelbrock top end kit, sandblasted to bare metal then epoxy primed to base coat clear coat urethane paint. Upgrades also included all new suspension with the Shelby drop and power disc brakes, new interior, new Kwick Wire 22 circuit wiring, Dakota Digital gauges and the Carbon Fiber wrap on the hood.

Jon K. Harrell

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18 Responses to “1968 Mustang Coupe”

  1. Stephen Dishuk

    The 1968 would to purchase

  2. John

    I’m interested in buying a 67 and I love the looks of this car ... interested in selling ? 6467630318 text anytime becuase I don’t answer numbers that’s are unknown

  3. John

    I’m interested in buying a 67 and I love the looks of this car ... interested in selling ?

  4. Bill

    Old guy here and NOT a Ford Guy, but seems to me that the 68 Mustang had the side clearance lights where the 67 did not. Am I missing something here?

  5. Don Page

    We lived in the Cleveland Ohio suburbs. My mom bt the 641/2 Mustang as soon as they came out. It was White with Blue Int. Standard 289 V8 auto ...My brother and / or I made sure the car was properly maintained ( we are Aircraft mechanics) Time passed, dad passed away and Mom moved into a senior citizens center that had covered parking. I traveled so my brother took car of the car. Mom never drove the car in the winter and it had very low mileage. I was working in Ft Lauderdale Fla. in the late 1980's and talked with mom as often as I could. Mom was in her mid 80's..and hardly ever drove the Mustang. I figured my brother would end up with the car. So I'm talking with mom and she says.." I sold the Mustang" I said "You did what ?" and repeated the statement. I was stunned....I asked Who did you sell it to...Her reply was "I sold it to my paper boy for $200.00. I said."Mom, do you have any idea what that car is worth ??? Her reply was..."Oh I don't care, He's such a nice boy" She was still in charge of her faculties So I just changed the subject...That car was in show room condition....

  6. Carl S

    Looks Great! You did a good job!

  7. fernando puga

    is it for sale?

  8. Cameron Gill


  9. Kamal Nasir ud deen

    I love cars, in Pakistan it's very expensive and difficult to do a Restoration / Restomod. I have a Restomod Corolla model 1996. It has a 2zz Toyota Cilica gt engine, which give 189 bhp. It has all the modifications to go with this engine. It took me three years to complete this car.

  10. Eric

    Nice to have money to do it, wish I could for my 81 TA, glade you could do it.