1968 Oldsmobile


Cutlass S Convertible

Doug Sjogren

While enjoying a few stories and cold beverages in the garage one evening with friends, I remarked “I am going to own a nice convertible before I am old and gray”, a statement that left my friends rolling on the floor in laughter. Their reply was simply, “Have you looked in the mirror lately?” Okay, the gray hair has out numbered my natural colored hair for a few years, and while I am in my late-fifties I seldom consider myself old. Perhaps my friends had a point, and it was time for me to seize the moment. After discussing it with my wife (Sandy), we agreed to see what was available and get an idea of what we could afford. Soon we discovered, a friend and fellow Oldsmobile enthusiast had decided to part with his ’68 Cutlass S Convertible. I had seen the car at countless car shows over the years and knew the whole story behind the car. It came from California as a rust free, straight-as-an-arrow car, and was repainted a few years ago. I knew from the moment I heard the car was for sale I had to make it mine. We soon agreed on a price, and even though it was a little more than I hoped to initially spend the quality of this great car made up for the difference.

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20 Responses to “1968 Oldsmobile”

  1. James

    I had a `68 Cutlass S convertible, triple black, and everyday, for the past 40 years, wished I had it back! It was so much fun to drop the top and cruise. Yours is so sharp and brings back many memories.

  2. dan fitzgerald

    I have 2 questions
    I have a 1966 Olds Starfire and I am tring to find out if other models or years have front brake drums that interchange. Or is there a company that makes a disc brake system for this year. Thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hello Dan,

      ALL 1965-1970 Olds full size cars (including Starfire) use the same spindles and front suspension.

      Disc conversions kits are available from Scarebird (www.scarebird.com), which is a company who offers disc brake conversion brackets, instructions and a list of parts to purchase from your local auto parts store. It is an economical way to assemble a disc brake conversion, and they have a good reputation and a wide assortment of brackets for many cars that brake kits simply are not available for.

      Wrench Safe,

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  3. earl

    I am a big MOPAR fan and I like big blocks of all makes and cylinders-the good ole 455 makes a car like this drive as good as she looks

  4. Quantum_Mechanic

    VERY NICE and CLASSIC ……..but then I am an Oldsmobile owner too (1970 Cutlass Supreme 455/400)

  5. Dean

    I also am in my late fifties and find myself the proud owner of a 62 Starfire. The only problem I have is that the car is in 100 pieces. It’s an original Napa Ca. car that the previous owner was restoring when he passed away. So much is complete but now comes the tough stuff like the dash and wiring harness. If anyone knows a shop that understands oldsmobiles here in Norcal or Reno NV. I’d appreciate some help.

  6. Ed Toulouse

    Purchased our 68 jade gold(Cutlass) 442 convertible 27 years ago. Hope that you enjoy your Olds as long as we have…..They are great cars.

  7. patrick

    This was my dream car when i was stationed in the philippines in 68 and 69. When i got back stateside, I ended up with a 69 GTO conv instead. (not my choice) I sold it when I got orders for Nam in 70. When I got my discharge in 71, I bought a 67 Cutlass Supreme hardtop – loved that car. In 78 I bought a 63 Cutlass conv basket case and restored it. I still have it. More recently found an original 66k mile 65 Starfire conv and brought it home. I guess you could say I’m an Olds man, although I have a couple of Buicks to.

  8. patrick

    One of my all time favorites. Was returning from a tour in the philippines with the Air Force in 69. My goal was to buy a 68 Cutlass S or Cutlass Supreme conv. I ended up with a 69 GTO conv instead. Sold it when I went to Vietnam. Bought a 67 Cutlass Supreme 2 dr hrdtop when I got out. Later bought a basket case 63 Cutlass conv and did a full restoration. Thinking it might be time to look for that 68 Cutlass again.

  9. Graham

    Best decision you ever made! Late fifties? I’m just into the seventies, still biking and collecting , your investment will pay off as well as the enjoyment you’ll get. You can’t get that sort of pleasure from a Bank Pass Book!!

  10. Steve Carmean

    Beautiful car the Olds community is strong I have a couple right now one 77 Cutlass Brougham that is tore down and a 77 Cutlass 442.