1969 Ranchero GT

1969 Ranchero Lead

This is my 1969 Ranchero GT. This little truck is powered by a 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine, equipped with RAM Air and backed up with a C6 automatic transmission. According to the Marti Report on this truck it is only 1 of 101 with this potent engine and transmission package.

1969 Ranchero Back

I am only the third owner of the car, and before I acquired it, it belonged to my Uncle, who passed away in 2012. I purchased the little hauler from my Aunt, and I completed a rotisserie restoration in 2018.

Bruce D. Pettengill
U.S. Navy (Retired)

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10 Responses to “1969 Ranchero GT”

  1. David Turner

    There is one of these just north of Ferndale WA. It came with track pak. Light tan in color. 428 ,c6 ,locker. Motor is toast and has front damage. Not strucural

  2. Allan Shephard

    Wow. That is beautiful. As an Aussie, I love and appreciate a good ute. :D

  3. Randy Batz

    Nice ride. I always liked the 68, 69 torino,s and ranchero,s

  4. Kelley

    That is one sweet ride!

  5. Rodney Dean

    Asking price?

  6. David Borneman

    This absolutely gorgeous. My folks bought a f-250 top of line ranger with a 390 in June 69 with a new 22 foot camper. They kept it for about 19 years. That's when we moved to Alaska. I'm still here. My father in law had a 75 Ranchero with a 351 Cleveland. Wonderful ride also.

  7. Steve Bodnar

    Very nice ride Bruce.

  8. doug krause


  9. Richard Stone


  10. Jack Doyle