1972 Camaro Rally Sport

1972 Camaro Rally Sport

My 1972 Rally Sport Chevrolet Camaro was a gift from my wife of 30 years, for my 60th birthday. The previous owner put on the SS badging but the VIN code says differently and he was up-front about it when it was purchased. It’s the same model I raced back in the 80s, on the NHRA Pro Stock circuit in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. My wife also loves this model.

It sports a 383ci. Stroker engine (515Hp and 480Tq), 4 speed close ration transmission, and a 12-bolt 4.10:1 ratio Positraction rear axle. It’s no slouch that’s for sure. We have been doing some upgrades here and there, rebuilding the instrument cluster, upholstery upgrades, etc. I also do all my own tuning. We both enjoy spending time together driving it on cruises, or just a nice drive on sunny days, and of course, driving it to the office on Fridays… (makes for a short trip and something to look forward to at the end of the week).

I think I’ll hang on to this Camaro, and Oh ya… I think I’ll hold on to my wife another 30 years as well… she’s a keeper.

Woodstock, IL

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4 Responses to “1972 Camaro Rally Sport”

  1. James Rowe

    Got a 73, says right on the origional cowl tag, they were put on the line line they day they were born, not stored away for 2 years then tagged a 73...intresting viewpoint though


    I worked in a junk yard in 1976 and we had plenty of 72, 73, and 74 camaros I had a 70 RS and wish I still did

  3. Willie Young

    Hey guy, Im not tryin to b a knowitall, but ya mite wanna check that vin again, it has to b a late modle ‘71, chevrolet discontinued the camari in ‘71 then brought it back in late ‘74 due to popular demand, so theres no such thing as a ‘72, ‘73, or ‘74, But it is one nice ‘71

  4. Ron

    I have always loved the front of the RS Camaros of the early 70s. The split bumperettes make that grille really stand out !! Very nice. I had a 70 RS back in the mid 70s and I loved it !!