1973-87 Chevy C-10 Independent Rear Suspension

Getting your C-10 pickup to carve corners like a sports car just got a whole lot easier with Heidts PRO-G bolt in IRS frame for the ’73-87 Chevrolet C10 trucks.

Heidts new IRS provides a high horsepower capable suspension system for the street or track without sacrificing ride quality.

Options include C4 Corvette or Wilwood brake kits, 9″ Currie 3rd member, & single or double adjustable coilover shocks.

Available in 62″ & 65″ track width. For more information visit: www.heidts.com

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5 Responses to “1973-87 Chevy C-10 Independent Rear Suspension”

  1. peter oconnor

    Do you make this for a 65 Chevy c10 ? Im currently researching for my project and want to use the irs set up any feed back would be appreciated thanks

  2. ENZO

    Fantastic information...Enzo

  3. ENZO

    i am pleased having to be a gold member....the info i receive is priceless....keep up the great work Enzo

  4. Fred

    Will the truck still have a good hauling capacity for those people who actually haul or tow things? How would this setup work for using the truck to tow a show car to shows?

  5. Edward Dean Butler

    Not including the price on the main page is a huge mistake in internet marketing -- huge.