1974 Chevrolet Nova


This 1974 Nova was originally brought to the U.K. by a father/son team that source clean American classics and import them for resale. I bought this car in November 2015; it is an unmolested, totally original vehicle, from the factory Lime yellow paint to the Rally wheels, with only a genuine 76,000 miles on the clock from new. As the history goes a lady in Oregon bought it new and did not have a radio or cigarette lighter fitted as factory extras, and kept the car until she passed away in 2014. The interior is a dark green and I intend getting the car re-sprayed this year in Highland green and maybe a new set of wheels. I am entering the Chevy in a classic car show in August, as people love classic American cars, so why not share the enthusiasm.

Rick Wright

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2 Responses to “1974 Chevrolet Nova”

  1. Mark Maloney

    After having to sell my 1984 MCSS on 1992 to accommodate my growing family and getting a mini van. I always missed having it. Years later I found a 1987 MCSS that had a hard life. 4.5 years after a full frame off restoration she is like new. I'll never let this one go.

  2. jim prowse

    Don't be in a hurry to re-spray it ,,,,,, it is only "original" once !!!,,, seek out a shop that could machine clean/polish/refurbish the original paint ,,, maybe "spot-in" an area or two if you really have to ,,,just sayin ,,,jp