1981 Chevrolet Corvette

c3-corvette2 c3-corvette-lead

After seeing a picture of my grandfather in front of the C3 Chevrolet Corvette he bought new when he retired from the Navy, I just had to have one. I found this 1981 Corvette project after it had been horribly neglected and left to the weather and time to ravage. My plans are to have her running and driving as my daily driver by the end of the year.

Mike McFearin

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3 Responses to “1981 Chevrolet Corvette”

  1. Michael Ryan

    I have a 1981 corvette that i am restoring right now. I see that under the ash tray there is plug in like ODB-1 connecter and there is a computer back in the batter box and was wondering if there is connecter for it.

  2. Christopher Loureiro

    Looks great! I have a 1980 that I am in the middle of putting more time than money into it; trying to get it to looking the best as I can. It also was in a bad storage with condensation rust all over.

  3. Richard

    I just bought a 1979 Corvette at the end of June. Just found out that the 8 track player works,I just now have to find some of them