1990 Chevrolet Corvette


My son purchased this car about 5 years ago. The seats were torn, top torn, back window yellow, paint job faded pink. Sound system removed, an aftermarket alarm system that kept draining the battery and kept it from starting and damage to the driver rear quarter.

I bought the car from my son (since he neither had the finances or the wear-with-all to fix and/or restore it). My friend owns a body shop and owns corvettes, We used his expertise to bring this car back to life.. We obtained the original build sheet from Corvette and we took a year to bring the car back to the way it was on the show room floor. All numbers match. I made this a “Driver” so I could enjoy owning and DRIVING a Corvette.

Larry Arszman

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5 Responses to “1990 Chevrolet Corvette”

  1. Horace Smith

    I just purchased a 1986 Corvette and I am wrestling with restoring it. Problem getting power inside it and needs sound system.

  2. Michael

    I'm restoring a1995 Impala SS and need a passenger side inner fender and battery holder. Can you help me with some aftermarket suppliers that might have these parts. Thanks

  3. Hank

    The 1990 Vette did you purchased it in Tucson AZ?

  4. Larry

    I need help restoring a 69 vette body. Its allready painted but front clip does not fit? Any help appreciated

  5. Ol Man Woolenshirt

    my 1990 vette needs attention and info to restore