1993 Dodge Daytona ES

This was my daily driver, I bought on the west coast from Happy Motors. A 1993 Dodge Daytona ES 3.0L engine and 3-Speed automatic transmission. It has very little rust and a few door dings, a friend said some of the body panels have been replaced (he is a fender and paint man).

It is now on jack stands covered by a heavy-duty (ha) tarp. I will begin the restoration project in the coming years. The engine needs to be reworked with moderate improvements and the interior needs some serious looking after and it needs a paint job.

I still have the original wheels it came with. The car was bought 2nd hand and I had to replace switches and a outside driver seat bracket. Oh boy what a surprise I got when it broke, I was parked, thank the powers to be.

Edward Loftis

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