2015 Z06 Corvette

My Corvette ZO6 is all stock and unblemished. Lots of fun to drive and can really get you in trouble if your not careful. 650 HP is a lot for a light street car. I have no plans to change or upgrade anything, just enjoy this great car the way they designed it!

Steve Wilson
Brenham, TX

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4 Responses to “2015 Z06 Corvette”

  1. Steve

    That’s an awesome car Steve but speaking from experience and the owner of two Vettes and other Rods, The power is addicting!! Just remember too much is never enough!!

  2. Ron Stanley

    Hi Steve, Great looking Vette. I purchased a very low mileage ’02 convertible from the original owner in 2008. I agree that leaving them bone stock and enjoying them as designed is everything that I wanted. Mine has every bell and whistle offered that year including a 6 speed. If I had a car like that in high school, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this today. ENJOY !!!