3-Ton Low Profile Professional Floor Jack

Let’s face old cars have small taillights and having bright taillights can protect your classic car and your passengers.

No shop is complete without a floor jack or two, but getting under many low-slung street machines can be a challenge with many jacks on the market.

The new Daytona 3-Ton Low Profile Steel Professional Floor Jack With Rapid Pump®, answers the call.

This heavy-duty 3-ton car jack gets vehicles almost two feet off the ground.

While the extra-low profile reaches under most show cars. Dual piston Rapid Pump® technology lifts most workloads in just 3-1/2 pumps.

For more information visit: www.harborfreight.com

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3 Responses to “3-Ton Low Profile Professional Floor Jack”

  1. Michael Horton

    Bought a 3 ton jack from Harbor and it works great. Why spend all that money for a brand name when you can get quality for cheap. Lol

  2. britishmotorsltd

    This is a low profile jack that gets under all small British Cars. I've had mine for 1 year now and no problems at all! Don't spend $600 on a Mac,snap-on or any other name brand as you are wasting money! charlie at British Motors.

  3. Hardie

    Where do they sell Daytona jacks?