7-inch Low-Profile Fans

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Designed to fit under the hood of race cars and street rods, Maradyne’s Champion Low Profile Series 7-inch Fan is an ideal engine companion for your vehicle’s remote transmission coolers, oil coolers or intercoolers.

Made from all glass-filled nylon construction and no polypropylene mixes, the Champion 7-inch fan (part # M073K) is designed to protect your engine from extreme temperature and road debris by providing high temperature and impact resistance.

Presented in a reversible S-blade style, the single fan can work as a pusher or puller while the S-blade design generates a lower noise. The powerful 130-watt motor delivers more power and usage than most aftermarket 90-watt pancake-style motors.

“Rated at 350 cubic feet per minute, our 7-inch fan successfully cools the engine oil, transmission fluid or turbo-charged air in your race car or street rod. The completely sealed motor is dynamically balanced for less vibration and engineered with high quality to run smoother,” said Fred Garza, national sales manager, Maradyne High Performance Fans. “These fans are built to last. Customers can expect an average of 11,000-plus hours of life expectancy from our 7-inch Champion Low Profile Fans, which also come with a one-year warranty.”

Maradyne’s Champion Low Profile Series Fans include four 90-degree mounting feet, locking mating pigtail connectors and rubber spacers for proper spacing off the heat exchanger. Plus, Maradyne offers recommended wire harnesses, sold separately, to operate an adjustable temperature switch (part # MFA100), a 185-degree temperature switch (part # MFA102) or a 195-degree temperature switch (part # MFA103). Optional brackets are also available.

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3 Responses to “7-inch Low-Profile Fans”

  1. Troy

    Seems like just the ticket for a trans cooler .

  2. russ v.

    where to place a 7in. fan high ,low center?

  3. Lulugh

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