All new Saginaw C2&C3 Manual Steering Box

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Through a recent acquisition Borgeson Universal Company is now the original equipment manufacturer and re-manufacturer of Saginaw manual steering gears.

Borgeson is now manufacturing all new, OEM 63-67 and 68-82 Corvette manual steering gears in their Torrington CT facility. This is the true OEM Corvette gear built to the original specifications and drawings from Saginaw, not an off-shore copy. Each gear features a precision machined casting created from the original tooling coupled with all new internals manufactured by Borgeson. Each gear is carefully assembled, inspected and tested to Borgeson’s precise specifications.

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      Hello Michael,

      These are available from Jegs, Summit Racing and even Amazon, and most Borgeson dealers.
      Because these are ALL new units there is no core deposit or returns needed, and they typically sold in the $350-$400 range.


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  1. David Diliberto

    Is this newly available ’63-’67 Steering Gear the same as that used for the original C 2 Corvette which was for both the manual or power assist steering system or those cars. Will there be an assembly kit to replace a worn existing manual steering system with a new complete power assisted steering system?