AutoCross Instrument Panels for 1967-68 Ford Mustang

AutoCross Instrument Panels for 1967-68 Ford Mustang

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the all new AutoCross package available for 1967-68 Ford Mustang. The AutoCross package features:

  • 4-5/8” 200MPH speedometer with etched diffuser ring
  • 4-5/8” 10k Tachometer with etched diffuser ring & extremely bright red LED shift light
  • 2-1/8” vertically oriented Fuel, Oil and Temp gauges with “eyelids” and ISO symbols

Classic Pool Cue Pointers, Sport/Performance appearance, High-quality OEM style bezel, all sending units and wiring harness. Available in Gray or Yellow instrument panel accents.

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5 Responses to “AutoCross Instrument Panels for 1967-68 Ford Mustang”

  1. Bob

    67 Mustang with deluxe interior w/tach. Do I use the brushed dash panels I already have?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Bob,

      We would imagine Classic Instruments gauges will work with the factory stock styled bezels.

      But we can not be certain. Here is a link to their Tech Support:

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    • johnpatrickferris

      Good day Bob,

      I purchased my deluxe version from Scottdrake. They allow for aftermarket gauges. I used auto meter gauges.

  2. David

    Looks like a beautiful gauge cluster. How much is it and what is the installation like?

    • Customer Service Techs

      Thanks for the question, and we agree this gauge package is a great looking unit! Classic Instruments makes some of the best performing and best looking gauges on the market today and this set for a classic Mustang is no exception. While we have not installed this particular model we have installed their gauge packages in other cars, and can tell you from experience it’s typically a weekend project, that can be accomplished by most car enthusiasts. You’ll have to remove the original speedometer cable, as a sender unit and wire replace it, although we’ve seen some enthusiasts that simply pull the cable out of the housing and pass the new wire down through the housing and connect the wire to the new sender unit.

      At just over $1,200 it’s certainly an investment, although sure to set your car apart from the rest at the next car show, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from having modern gauges giving you accurate feedback to what’s going on under the hood.

      Wrench Safe,
      Mark Simpson