Bolt-in Aluminum Radiator and Fan Module for '70-'81 Camaros

NewProd Image 13Flex-a-lite® now offers radiator and electric fan combinations for more than 25 years of Chevrolet Camaros with its latest offering that fits ’70-’81 models. The Flex-a-Fit® aluminum radiator and electric fan combination bolts in without any drilling or modifications to the vehicle.

The Flex-a-Fit radiator provides better heat dissipation than the factory radiator. It features a 2-row, all-aluminum core, hand-welded to patented side tanks with “T” channel design. In addition to better cooling, by replacing the belt-driven fan with the Flex-a-lite electric fan, you can improve power to the rear wheels and increase gas mileage. Flex-a-Fit radiators are manufactured in the U.S.

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  1. Mark M. O'Brien

    What part do I need for an electric temperature control unit? Where is best place to place temp sending unit(intake manifold ) ?

    • Customer Service

      There are many different fan controllers on the market, One that I have used for many years is the SPAL FAN-PWM.

      Here is a link to one good source:,35700.html

      You can also go to any of the BIG parts houses (JEGS, Summit Racing, etc.) and search for Fan Controller and review the many different types.

      The sending unit needs to go into the cooling system somewhere. My first choices are either the head or the intake. although some fan controllers are designed to be used with a sender in the radiator These usually have a copper probe that sits inside the radiator hose connection and a solid copper cable that extends out to the controller. Bottom line: follow your fan controllers recommendations for sending unit location.

      Wrench Safe!

  2. David

    I have a 66 galixe 2 door custom sedan II am going to install a 302 engine in soon so will this rad be suitable and cope with this engine

    • Customer Service Techs

      While we’re strong advocates that anything can be made to fit. This particular radiator is probably not the best place to start. Mounting locations, inlet and outlet hose connections and size, may become more work than they’re worth. As opposed to ordering a radiator specifically designed to bolt into your application. We would suggest looking at a Griffin Radiator (<>) which can be ordered to fit your car, and are available as an “Exact-Fit” combo unit that includes the shrouded electric fans, and available with or without a built-in automatic transmission cooler.
      Wrench Safe, Mark