Bolt-Together Chassis Components for 1947-54 Chevy Pickups

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Put down your welder and build a rock solid foundation for your classic truck with Speedway Motors’ exclusive new line of Bolt-Together 1947-54 Chevy Pickup Chassis Components.

Speedway Motors’ innovative new chassis components allow do-it-yourself rodders to assemble a complete frame using little more than hand tools and a drill. The full line of bolt-on parts includes:

  • Frame Rails (PN 916-04754) built from laser-cut 7-gauge steel plate
  • IFS Crossmember (PN 910-44754) with interlocking boxing plates for extra strength and adjustable upper spring seats to fine tune final ride height
  • Triangulated Four-Bar Rear Suspension Kit (PN 910-04754), including 9-inch rearend housing
  • Center Frame Support (PN 910-64754) to reinforce the frame
  • Radiator Support (PN 910-14754)
  • Fuel Tank Support Brace (PN 910-84754)
  • Engine Mounts (PN 910-54754) for small-block Chevy and LS V8s

Speedway Motors’ bolt-together chassis components are engineered to work together, but will also fit the stock frame of your 1947-54 Chevy ½-ton pickup. When used in unison, these affordable parts allow the average enthusiast to assemble a complete chassis in about a weekend, without requiring any welding or specialized skills. Speedway Motors also offers a full complement of suspension and brake components to make your frame a rolling chassis, as shown here.

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9 Responses to “Bolt-Together Chassis Components for 1947-54 Chevy Pickups”

  1. Clint Goodson

    I've got a '52 Chevy 5 window truck I'm gonna be restoring

  2. Ed Knott

    I'm building a 137" Panel delivery in 4wd, any ideas on front suspension?

  3. Ed Knott

    I'm building a 1347" Panel delivery in 4wd, any ideas on front suspension?

  4. Benjamin

    Has anyone used these frames, if so what is your experience and thoughts about them?

  5. Gary Toland

    Got my eye on 3100 truck need a new chassis

  6. Arnold Perrin


  7. Glenn

    Does this kit include brackets for the running boards? How much does a rolling chassis cost?

  8. Ray Walter Boothe

    have a 54 3100 that has had a Camaro clip & Chevy 350 installed about 20-years ago. I am interested in rebuilding again, this looks interesting as I could do most myself.

  9. jean pantet

    will like to know about it much more if possible . . .