Carburetor Kits Make Plumbing Simplified

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Everybody already knows that Jiffy-tite Motorsports makes a full line of Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings to fit virtually any fuel, water, engine or transmission on the market today. Not only are they the fastest, most secure fittings on the market, but they’re widely used in both street performance and racing applications. But did you know that Jiffy-tite Motorsports offers a comprehensive Quick-Connect Carburetor Kit that not only saves time (making changeovers a breeze) but is virtually drip-proof?

Changing out carburetors can be time-consuming and messy with spilled fuel. The unique, patented Quick-Connect design works with most of the popular high-performance carburetor applications on the market. Each kit comes with two sockets, two plugs and two aluminum washers in either a -6 or -8 sizes. Sockets are available in straight, 45-degree or 90-degree elbows and come anodized in either black and gold or solid black.

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