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I recently acquired a ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster Sport Sedan 48-1019 in original condition and in need of restoration. It will not remain ‘original’ due to upgrades and modifications. My question is, one original hubcap came with the car as well as one spare wheel with tire. I am hoping to restore the wheel, hubcap and tire to original to carry in the trunk. The hubcap is the question. It has the original (patina) I think and wondering the best way to ‘clean’ it for display. Thanks for reading my long post.


During 1948, Chevrolet offered a couple of different style wheel covers. The most common (1941-48) was the small half moon with the Chevrolet word across the middle and the stylized emblem above and below the word. They also offered a full wheel cover for the 1947-48 models.

I’ll focus my reply on the most common style used. The hubcap itself is a stainless steel covering over a steel core. Often the stainless cover becomes scratched and dented, and it is nearly impossible to straighten the stainless without removing it from the steel core. That is where things get tough for most enthusiasts. The flange that holds the stainless cover on must be relieved from the core and pulled free, once the cover is straight and polished it must be reattached to the core. Unless you’ve done it before, I would suggest trying it on a wheel cover you don’t care about first, as it’s not easy to achieve good results.

Many top chrome shops will do this as a service although, be aware it will be expensive to have done.

If it’s a straight polished wheel cover you’re looking for, you’re lucky enough to have a popular car and reproduction wheel covers are readily available for about $40.

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11 Responses to “Chevy Hubcap Restoration”

  1. Randy Cox

    do you restore 1959 Chevy Impala full size hubcaps. We are looking for show quality and have several caps to choose the best from Randy-561=385=3804

  2. peter houlding

    try I got one for a 67 fury almost as new

  3. Malik Newton

    Is it safe to do frame & chassis work with car ramps jackstands & a couple floor jacks

  4. Rich Ochoa

    Wow! What a Beautiful car! I think it would be a Shame to Not keep this car All Original! Does it still have the Vacuum Shift? My first car was a '48 Chevy Coupe. Sure with I had it Now! If this were my car, i would surely get a let of Repro Hub Caps & keep everything Original. How is the Interior? My '48 had After market turn signals, which were an option at that time. At 16, I couldn't afford white walls, so I would buy White Wall Paint & every couple weeks Paint the walls White! Does it have the original 216 c.i engine? They're good engines. Just don't race them like I did! They'll last a long time if you take care of it!!!!!

  5. dave alexander

    After releasing the edge of cap there seems some sort of adhesive out in the middle, how to release this.

  6. Joe Baldwin

    We have a 1938 Ford Sedan Model 81A. We have a set of the Hollywood Flipper hubcaps and one flew off the car and is damaged. Do you restore hubcaps? Also looking for a set of the original 1938 Ford hubcaps. Please advise is you are able to assist. Thanks Joe

  7. LeRoy Pino

    Beautiful come back!

  8. Ron

    Where can I purchase top quality hub caps for a 1955 Chevy Belair Sedan that I am restoring as well as other trim products for my 55

  9. Jim Rostron used to restore them. I paid $100.00 each and was happy to do so. They only sell used caps now. I'm looking for someone that will restore my 62 Tempest caps now. It's not an easy process. Look into restoring stainless trim, it's basically the same thing. I did my trim on my 58 Stude President and it was very hard. Start off sanding with a heavy grit depending on the damage and very slowly graduate to 2500 grit. Then polish. It ain't easy!

  10. Bill Seckman

    I recently acquired a 1935 chevy standard and would like to know if there is after market hubcaps available.