FAST XDi EZ-Run Distributors


A revolutionary new line of distributors from FAST® is designed to “plug and play” thanks to the removal of the external ignition box.

FAST XDi EZ-Run™ Distributors come in a convenient package that saves time and space since an ignition box is not required to fire the coil, while a standard-size cap offers more firewall and manifold clearance than HEI-style distributors. XDi EZ-Run options also eliminate RPM signal interference in EFI applications by using a dedicated “clean” RPM output wire. This single wire eliminates “noisy” RPM signals that can wreak havoc on an EFI system. In addition, each billet distributor features mechanical and vacuum advance for easy setup, along with a built-in electronic module that can directly fire an ignition coil, plus provide accurate, dependable and maintenance-free operation. FAST XDi EZ-Run Distributors are available for most domestic V8 applications and are a perfect choice for daily drivers, muscle cars and street rods alike.

Quick Facts

Street Price: $239.38 – $276.25

Features & Benefits:

  • Ready to run with no external ignition box needed
  • Dedicated “clean” RPM output signal eliminates “noisy” signals that can interfere with EFI
  • Adjustable mechanical and vacuum spark advance for easy setup and use
  • Accurate & dependable electronic module provides maintenance-free operation
  • Designed specifically for EFI, available for most domestic V8 applications

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One Response to “FAST XDi EZ-Run Distributors”

  1. greg

    Is there a benefit of adding a MSD to this distributor?