Ford 427 SOHC Stub Cam Is Perfect For Vintage Engine Builds

Ford 427 SOHC Stub Cam Is Perfect For Vintage Engine Builds

Vintage engine builders and enthusiasts have reason to celebrate with the revival by COMP Cams® of a hard-to-find Ford stub cam for the potent Ford 427 SOHC engine.

Developed over 90 days in the mid 60’s, banned from NASCAR, and ultimately finding success on the drag strip, the Ford 427 SOHC was one of the most powerful engines of its day. Recent aftermarket developments in blocks and heads have increased interest and availability of these engines that are common in modern period-correct builds. The Ford 427 SOHC utilizes a stub cam, which is used to drive the distributor and oil pump, mount the dual timing chain sprockets and provide oiling to the left head via an oiling groove in the bearing journal. COMP Cams® has recently made a stash of these parts available with an option for special engine builder group pricing. COMP® also currently offers custom cam grinds for Ford 427 SOHC engines, so this stub cam is a necessary companion piece to part no. 183-000-9L and 183-000-9R camshafts.

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2 Responses to “Ford 427 SOHC Stub Cam Is Perfect For Vintage Engine Builds”

  1. Harold Nix

    Need advice for camshafts going into my 427 (482) SOHC engine. Compression will be 9:1for running 93 pump gas and possibly a supercharger later on. Have stock type valves and beehive springs with 180 psi on seat... any help most appreciated...

  2. Al

    Toyota used something similar to this in the '70s on some of their engines. It drove the distributor and fuel pump and acted as an extra guide pulley for the timing chain. We called them "short shafts" back then. We (the dealership mechanics) made good money replacing nearly all of them as they failed. Seems as though they were prone to breaking and stopping the engine dear right where it happened.