High Performance Motor Oil for Classic Cars

Finding good synthetic oil that has the zinc protection classic car owners demand can be challenging.

The crew at Driven Racing Oil has answered the call with their GP-1 line of Synthetic Blend High Performance Motor Oils they are uniquely formulated from Pennsylvania Grade Petroleum, compounded with a high zinc additive package to deliver maximum engine protection.

GP-1 is designed for competition, classic cars and imports. Available in 20W-50, 15W-40, 10W-30, 5W-20, 70 Grd, & Conv Break-In 30.

For more information visit: drivenracingoil.com

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11 Responses to “High Performance Motor Oil for Classic Cars”

  1. tom felts

    Just had my E-/Type jag engine totally rebuilt. Added GP1. When first starting I get a "knocking" somewhere in the engine until the oil pressure comes up. I never remember getting that with conventional oils. Any advice? After pressure comes up with GP1 engine is smooth as silk. Am I doing damage?

  2. Rick Baker

    I was expecting a test or at least specs, not a sales pitch! I am using Redline Oil which is full synthetic and also has a high zinc additive for classic motors. It is available on Amazon with free shipping.

  3. jeff

    where can this product be purchased?

  4. Dave Leal

    Where can I get the specs of the oil and the viscosity percent

  5. Roger Walworth

    Why use oil with zinc for old engines?

  6. Rick

    Is this oil as good as Brad Penn? I have a 70 Z/28 with the original LT1 using a solid lifter cam that needs the zinc protection.

  7. britishmotorsltd

    Is this syn oil good enough to break in 1960's British engines? Jag,TR's ,MG'S and the dozen's of other Brit engines.

  8. Craig Bunn

    What is the best oil to use in my 63 Corvette. It has a freshly rebuilt 327/ 300 hp motor. It is a matching number car and I want the oil possible.

  9. Art PADILLA

    Where can you by go Gp-1 racing oil

  10. Paul Denter UE

    Where in Toronto, Ontario might I purchase this oil?