I969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible

I purchased my 1969 Chevelle SS Convertible about 5-years ago. After searching for a while I located this great Chevelle nearby in Missouri and knew right away I had to bring it home to Arkansas. It had been previously restored, and it was done right, although I did need to rebuild the 400 Turbo Hydramatic transmission. It had a new Convertible top and a beautiful Azure Turquoise Blue (Paint Code 55) paint job. The car is powered by a 396cu.in. Chevrolet Big Block engine backed by the TH 400 Transmission and 12-bolt Positraction rear axle. This great ride also features Electronic ignition, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows and Factory Air Conditioning. This Chevelle runs terrific and has been a lot of fun to drive.

Wayne Buckner
Camden, Arkansas

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3 Responses to “I969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible”

  1. Kenneth

    Great Chevelle, love the color. I had a 69 Malibu convertible with a 350 white on red. Great cruising car with the 350, the 396 must add another layer of fun though! Enjoy.

  2. belair_nova

    I just inherited my dad 69 Malibu convertible that was his pride and joy it was like brand new and it is still better than the date came off the showroom floor I'll put it up one of these days on the forum yours is nice very good job keep it to the floor­čść

  3. Steve

    Mr. Buckner that is a really beautiful ride you have there!! I've owned several Chevelle's but never a 69 or a rag top or one with a 396. At one time I had seven of them in the garage and yard Lol. I had two 68s both with 327s and two speed power glide trans, two 70s one with a 350 someone just threw in there with a 350 trans and the other was a LS6 454 I bought from a black man that was working at a used car lot. He had no idea lucky for me!! Lol. The other three were 72s two with 350s and one with the 454. The power level from the 70 454 and the 72 was embarrassing the 350s were beating the 454s in 72!! so sad. But the baddest Chevelle I've ever owned was a 72 that I traded my gold wing motorcycle for. I actually traded it for a 70 with a rattling engine and a 72 that was just restored with a Oldsmobile 403 with 455 heads on it and a turbo 400 trans. Now sir I have no idea who built the motor or what was in it but that thing was scary fast!! Put it like this i ran off and left a Houston Police friend of mine with an Iroc with the L98 motor he said he was doing over 170 and I ran off and left him like he was doing 55!! Lol He was mad at me because he had paid 30K for that Iroc with the police package. I told him he got robbed and to call the police!! Lol. Anyway sorry so long winded but that beautiful car of yours makes my blood pump!! Have a wonderful day Mr Buckner!!