Love of Fastback Mustangs

I grew up building model cars, like so many kids, and dreamed of the first time I might be able to buy my own car. My dad was not supportive at all, he thought if I had a car then I wouldn’t take college seriously… anyway, I saved and saved. My dream was to get a fastback Mustang. Finally in 1978, I was able to buy the car in the photo. $1400.00, if you can believe it? This was just before the prices on old Mustangs began to soar.

I had an appointment to get new tires, but the clutch had gone out, so my friend towed me down to the tire place with his Plymouth Fury III (green car in the background). In the photo I am holding the receipt for four new tires and my tow strap.

My Dad had zero interest in cars, and I had to store it in their garage for a month to save up for insurance before I could take it out on the road. Fortunately, My girlfriend’s Dad was really great with things mechanical, and invited me to pull it into his garage, then he proceeded to teach me all the steps for performing a tune up.

I had a few great years with my Mustang, then when I graduated college I sold it for $2200.00 (seemed like a nice profit at the time) to use the cash to move to Chicago. Of course, I wonder where that car is today. I hope someone took it the rest of the way to a nice restoration. These days of course, the 2+2 Fastbacks are 50K easily.

Kevin Henderson

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