Mustang Turned Family Car

We are the owners of a 1965 Mustang coupe, which we purchased new, in February of 1965. As our son was only 2 months old and our daughter was three, it was imperative to make the little car into a family vehicle. I built a shelf from the back of the buckets, onto the back seat and added a crib mattress. The kids were able to sit and play there while we journey to visit Grandpa and Grandma. They shared the seat with our female Malamute while the male Malamute rode on the tunnel with his head on my leg! A bit crowded but still a great ride.

We still own the Mustang today and take it to local car shows. Both kids still go for a ride in the ’65. Our son is a mechanic and has done some modifications to the engine and attends shows with us. Our Great granddaughter loves the “Bustang” and often attends shows with us.

Jim and Marilyn Ramseyer

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