New Versions of a Classic Air Cleaner

NewProd Image 31 You rely on MSD to fuel your engine with Atomic fuel control or to provide the fire with multiple sparks to produce the performance you expect. Now you can ensure your engine’s getting the cleanest air possible with these new air filter kits.

MSD offers two NEW chrome air cleaner assemblies: one for Atomic TBI users and another for MSD fans. Both designs are based on 14-inch diameter, 3-inch tall filters and display the respective Atomic and MSD logos embossed to the show quality chrome cover.

Hood clearance will be no issue as the base features a 3/4-inch drop base that fits a common 5 1/8-inch air horn. MSD even supplies a mounting stud and extra nice wing nut so you have everything you’ll need to finish off your MSD or Atomic equipped installation.

Chrome cover features the MSD or Atomic EFI logo

  • Available with a 3-inch tall high flow, washable element or paper filter
  • Recessed 3/4-inch drop base clears most throttle linkages and distributors
  • Top of the chrome cover sits only 3.5-inches from the throttle body
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    5 Responses to “New Versions of a Classic Air Cleaner”

    1. Dennis Shannon

      What sjze is the center mounting stud

    2. roger potts

      i have a 1969Oldmobile Cutlass S with a 350/400 cid v-8. factory Rochester 2bbl carburetor. i found this car without an aircleaner and am having trouble finding a replacement. can you supply something to use.

    3. George Boyd

      I have a 1956 Oldsmobile 88 with a 324 motor, will either of the new air filters fit this car?

    4. Don Rudhe

      Interested in the Atomic EFI logo air cleaner.

    5. Tony Valkosak

      I have a 1994 Ram 4 whl. with 360 gas engine. It has 40000 mi. original and nice. How can I get more out of it without major work. I'd like to inc. timing a degree or so plus inc. the spark performance and air flow. what's recommended.